Tuesday, January 20, 2015


One of the brocanteurs I deal with isn't averse to a bit of bartering. I have been known to go see him with jam and cake!  On Sunday another customer had given him a big sack of potatoes, home made jam and honey and a dozen oranges.

As I was looking around and choosing what I was going to buy he said "I've got something to show you, you're really going to like it, you'll be amazed!"  I've been going there for a while and he knows what I tend to buy so I assumed it was something for the shop.

As I was paying up he excitedly produced the bag of oranges "grown in the Aveyron" he said. We are way too North for growing citrus so the guy must have the tree in a polytunnel or greenhouse. What an achievement though!  A few friends have small lemon trees which do produce small fruit when mollycoddled (wheeled outside during the day and back inside at night) but to have enough full size oranges to be able to give them away is impressive.

I was given 6 - half the haul - and tasted one as soon as I got home - absolutely delicious!

Monday, January 12, 2015

la poste

After quite a bit of confusion (huge understatement!) following the changes to La Poste's tarifs and rules, things seem to be getting back to business as usual. I have lovely new things in the shop - please take a look!