Friday, February 6, 2015

market day # 9

the market in June

the market in February

Tomme d'Estaing - such a treat

Going to market in Winter is a very different experience than in Summer. There are far fewer people (no tourists) and far fewer stalls - not so much in the streets around town but in the central market square as you can see from the photos.  It's the prime pitch in Summer but in Winter there is a killer wind that whips through and however cold it is in town you can be sure that it will be a few degrees  less in the square.

I remember being there one cold Winter morning with Warb and we just had to give up and go home. I had brain freeze - my lips were blue, I couldn't think and could only talk scribble!

Yesterday was glacial - stall holders covered up tender leaved veg - salads, spinach and endive with blankets to stop them freezing solid and spoiling.  In the other square the big veg merchants had erected a tent and heated it with gas heaters - much appreciated - thanks!

At least now the mornings are brighter - we normally hit the market at 8am and before Christmas stall holders were using torches to check the change they were giving.

What a job - 6 days a week, up at 5am and then standing freezing until noon. I just couldn't do it.

My current treat from the cheese stall is Tomme d'Estaing an absolutely heavenly cheese from the North Aveyron. To be bought in small quantities to avoid over consumption (and because it costs 25€ a kilo!)

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