Thursday, November 19, 2015

market day

I'll admit - these photos were taken last week not this morning. Today market day was grey and drizzley and all the traders had their umbrellas up and it was a decidedly soggy affair. But you know even on the wet winter days I love going. At the moment there are beautiful carrots, kale and spinach, all picked just hours ago. A generous bunch of parsley added to my basket for free. Those San Pelegrino bottles? No, that's not mineral water but local organic wine direct from the man who makes it. Cheese and eggs and olives and that's me done.

Mathieu's organic wine stand. Bring your own bottle and he fills it up.

Well, almost done! A quick stop chez Boutonnet for a croissant aux amandes. Enough calories for the whole day probably but what the hell!

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