Thursday, March 10, 2016

almost instant lunch

There was a programme on French radio yesterday about food blogging. The were talking about the show offiness of food blogs and instagram and the like and said 'no one shows a picture of their lunch of plain buttered pasta'.  Well here's mine! When I haven't cooked anything and have forgotten to take bread out of the freezer we have pasta - spaghetti (or if we're really can't wait, vermicelli) with olive oil, garlic, chilli and lemon.  Chopped olives and some parmesan on top - delicious!

While your pasta is cooking put a good slosh of olive oil in a pan, add a clove of garlic,  your chili of choice (fresh, ground, flakes, paste) some salt and then just warm it over a low flame. You don't want the garlic to colour.  Add lemon juice to taste and pour it over the pasta when it's done. Mix well and grind over some black pepper.

Beautiful stoneware bowls from Tony Gant in London.

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