Thursday, April 7, 2016

new etsy website

Etsy have launched a new website tool called Pattern which allows shops to run a separate website which synchronizes with their shop. You can buy from either the ordinary shop or the website.

What do you think? I like the look of the website a lot (I'll like it even more when my camera is repaired and I lose that blob of dust on the lens...) but it does cost money and I'm wondering whether it's worth it.

You can see it here. Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. It is difficult to decide. The new one is very much in the style that most online stuff is going: giving prominence to the picture, and designed to be swiped forward easily on ipad or iphone etc.
    Each photo on the new one is initially more enticing, and the layout certainly looks more up to date and attractive. I am somewhat old fashioned, and like to have as much information as possible to hand rather than having to faff about - but on the other hand I have neither of the devices mentioned above. Also, I do like the information appearing on each photo as one hovers over it.
    So, basically I am of no help to you!