Thursday, May 12, 2016

john's bowl

Everyone is away this week apart from me and the dog. I've noticed that when I'm on my own I often eat out of a bowl!  Tonight I made myself an off the cuff delicious supper  of marinated tofu and brown rice and chard eaten from a bowl made by my brother John whilst I watched the sun go down.

When we moved here from England the movers followed us with  most of our stuff but I packed a box to travel with us in the car which contained a few essential things to help us feel at home straight away. Among those things were my adored Sabatier knife (still got it but it's paper thin now), the brass candlesticks that we've used every supper time for the last 26 years, some Jane Muir little men, a framed photo of my Mum, our coffee mugs made by Nigel Lambert and a teapot made by John.   The rituals around food and drink are so important and so strong.  Tonight my meal was all the more delicious because of that bowl and the fact that it was my brother who made it with his own hands.

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