Thursday, October 6, 2016


vintage french lace edging

Don't you just love the word haberdashery - it doesn't sound like it should be a proper, grown up word. It's mercerie in French which is much less satisfying! On Sunday there was a haberdashery brocante where I bought lace, old dress patterns, buttons, fabric and some other bits and bobs. Great fun.

I also saw but didn't buy the most beautiful piece of embroidery I think I've ever seen.  And I didn't have my camera... and I don't have a smart phone...  It was from around 1905 (the lady selling it had had it checked out by and expert) and was a rectangular piece of finest cotton exquisitely embroidered with white on white flowers and leaves. It was light as air. Around the edge of the material a lace border of about 6 inches had been sewn,  also exquisite.  The back was finished perfectly and it was in absolutely pristine condition. The lady said she didn't often bring it to brocantes for fear of damaging or dirtying it.  She said it was museum quality and I don't doubt it. I was very, very tempted but I walked away. 

There was a very different ambiance at this brocante. Friendly and open and chatty. Normal brocantes can be friendly too but this felt different. Could it be the fact that the sellers were all women (as indeed were most of the buyers) who all shared a similar passion and were eager to share? It was a really nice few  hours and I have a picture of that beautiful cloth in my head.

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