Friday, February 5, 2016

ciambelline al vino

My favourite bit of the Saturday Guardian is the 'Cook' supplement and  I like best the page where they give readers a theme : pasta, leftovers, coconut milk, whatever - and then ask for their favourite recipes on the theme/ingredient for the next week's issue.

The biscuits pictured came from an issue where the theme was 'left over wine' and was sent in by Sophia Real who has a very nice foodblog for all things farinaceous (as Joyce Grenfell would say!). You'll find the recipe and her blog here.  I would add that I don't let the biscuits cool in the oven but I do let them cool on the baking tray rather than transferring them to a rack and I think that helps their crispiness.  Also I've tried them with other flavourings - spices, lemon zest - but fennel really does work best.

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