Wednesday, May 7, 2014

endive salad

The weather is wildly variable here at the moment. One moment hot,  the next rainy and cool. Lunchtime coincided with a sunny half hour today and so we were able to eat outside.  I make this salad a lot - it's the best thing to do with endives (chicory) as far as I'm concerned.

Wash and slice some endive ( we were three at lunch and I used two).  Arrange on a plate or shallow bowl and top with some crumbled  blue cheese - it should be Roquefort but I just don't get Roquefort at all. Just too overwhelmingly salty for me which is a shame as it's our local cheese. I prefer the rather déclassé St. Agur (shhh).  Top with some walnuts and some stoned black Greek olives and a little chopped parsley. Dress with a vinaigrette.  I haven't specified quantities, just add the amount of each ingredient that pleases you.

Bon Ap!

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