Thursday, May 22, 2014

le vent d'autan

About 7pm last night

9pm ish

7am today

We have been buffetted by the vent d'autan for the last 3 days. It blows hard from the South East and it is said that if at the end of 3 days it's still blowing, it'll go for another 3 and if after 6 days it's still going strong then it'll carry on for 9. 9 seems to be the limit. We got away with 3 this time for which I'm very grateful. The photos are taken from the kitchen window looking West. Our weather comes from the West and so we get a good view of what's in store before it arrives. 

I had a rather hair raising drive to visit a print workshop in the Lot yesterday and took lots of photos of beautiful presses and plan chests and lead type which I'll show you later. Also a film of their fabulous Heidelberg press in action which if I can figure out how, I'll upload. (I've never had much success with that - any advice?)

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