Monday, May 19, 2014

market day

How would you like to do your weekly shop here?  

Every Thursday from 8am till about noon.

 Fruit, vegetables, olives, spices, cheese, yogurt and milk from the farm, meat, live fish, chickens and fowl,  ditto dead, ditto cooked, bread, honey, fresh butter,  saucisson (pig, cow, horse, donkey (not kidding)) vegetable plants, flower plants, paella from the paella man who has bread, sausage and red wine for breakfast at 8am, eggs from farmer's wives who stand with their produce in baskets at their feet, unwanted kittens, hand woven baskets, buckets, the itinerant knife sharpener who turns up sometimes, hand carved spoons, wine (in bottles or dispensed  straight from the tanker into your jerrican for 1€ a litre). It's all there!

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