Monday, May 26, 2014

walnut apéro biscuits

There's a new exhibition starting at the Tower on Saturday  - Alain Prillard will be showing his prints, metal cutouts, and a 'cabinet de curiosités' of his assemblages, small sculptures, found and altered objects.  The private view will be at 6pm and, this is France..., will include speeches and if the weather is good an apéro under the plane trees on the village square.  I always make these walnut biscuits and every time I do I'm asked for the recipe. They are the best apéro biscuits you will ever taste!

Here's the recipe and I promise that my next recipe will not include walnuts!

Blue cheese and walnut biscuits (adapted from a recipe by Orlando Murrin)


150g plain flour
120g blue cheese of your choosing (I use St. Agur)
120g butter
pinch of cayenne pepper

walnut halves (about a 100)

about 75g blue cheese loosened with a bit of cream cheese or crème fraiche and a good grinding of black pepper.

1. Mix flour and cayenne. Add cheese and butter and work into a dough.

2. Make 2 discs. Pop in plastic bags and chill for an hour or so.

3. Roll out about as thick as a pound coin - 3mm and stamp out rounds with a 2.5cm cutter.

Bake on a lined baking tray at 160º fan (180º normal oven) for 12 - 15 minutes till light golden brown. Watch them carefully as it can all go wrong very quickly!

Remove to a cooling rack.

Toast the walnut halves for about 5 mins. Cool.

Just before you want to eat them (no longer than about an hour) put a little blob of the cheesy glue on to a walnut half and stick to a biscuit. The biscuits are fragile so it's better to do it this way round than putting the glue on the biscuit.

This makes a lot of biscuits - I've never actually counted (well over a hundred)  but sometimes I make half quantities and other  times I make the whole lot but open freeze half the unbaked biscuits and then pop them in a plastic container and keep in the freezer for next time. 

Update - I've just made and frozen the biscuits for Saturday and the full amount of dough made 160 biscuits.

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