Sunday, May 11, 2014


I'm late with the garden this year - May already...! However the great thing about vegetable gardening in France is that people don't often sow their own seed. For things like beans, radishes etc yes but for chard, beetroot, salad, leeks,  brassicas, tomatoes, peppers and the like you can buy small plants (cheaply) on the market. So if like me you've let things slip you can catch up pretty quickly.
I spent a couple of days this week yanking out weeds, mostly buttercups, from the veg patches and yesterday my friend Claude came with his rotavator and dug in cow muck and made the soil (heavy clay) workable.

I also have three new raised beds where I'm growing salad and greens and it'll be interesting to see how they work  - whether they'll be easier to water and keep weed free. It's definitely a plus being able to tend them without stepping on the soil.

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